A rustic wedding in Provence

A rustic wedding in Provence

Last week I had a meeting with an American couple who wants to get married in Provence-Cote d'Azur.  The bride explained that she wanted to find a venue which felt very authentic,  quite rustic and very "Provence". She wants it easily accessible for her guests coming from all around the world.   The  beautiful wedding venue below  instantly came to mind.

wedding venue provence

When I mentioned  that this venue is located on the French Riviera, I saw  their  frightened face. I immediately reassure them and explain it's located in the heart of the cote d'azur countryside and doesn't reflect the glamorous and luxury French Riviera coastline.   The wedding venue is surrounded by olive trees, lavender, poppy fields.  Yesterday the couple visited the venue and they immediately fell in love. It's exactly what they looked for.

rustic wedding venue in nice wedding venue in nice

They already know where they want their ceremony and what kind of decoration there will be: the ceremony will be in the garden with the olive trees fields in the background, the cocktail on the terrace with hanging paper lanterns , for the table decoration , the bride wants small centerpieces with seasonal wild flowers. She wants to mix rustic and elegance.wedding venue in provence

I'm really excited to plan this wedding.  If you dream of a  rustic wedding in Provence contact our wedding planner.

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